How Amber Ray manages to control men

Image: Amber Ray

Amber Ray has shown an incredible knack for controlling high net-worth men. She seems to have the formula for ensuring she is in charge of their emotional and mental well-being such that when they are done, they pine over her like children for their mother.

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How is it possible that a woman who has nothing more than a basic education, a woman who comes from poverty has been able to lift herself out of the hold of poverty by simply sleeping with wealthy men who all seem caught up on a single mother?

The reason for her phenomenal success is she seems to have created a specialised a way to identify, hoodwink and then predate on low self-esteem having high net-worth men. Amber Ray now knows how to single out the weaker men; the type that never got attention from women until they started making money. You know the type, men who lead with their wallets.

Jimal Roho Safi back to liking Amber Ray’s photos

She then flips them on the idea of love. They, being weak, feeble-minded men always fall for it hard. That is how her catalogue of men features wealthy men who are willing to implode their marriages for her.


And Jimal Roho Safi is the weakest example of this. He is a man who destroyed one marriage already. But now that he has found out his lady love who is pregnant by another man is now back on the streets, he has swooped in to save her and imploded a second situation he is involved in.

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Amber Ray controls these men by allowing their stupidity to expose itself. All she has to then do is be feminine. And the irony of this game is lost on the men. They forget she is a heaux. They forget she has more bodies than an undertaker.

Its a simple strategy. Find a buffoon, massage his ego, make him feel like a king and he will trip himself up. There is something to be said about this feminine strategy.

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