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How Babu Owino Handled DJ Evolve’s Current Tragedy Is Shameless

September 24, 2021 at 09:26
How Babu Owino Handled DJ Evolve's Current Tragedy Is Shameless

I get it, we all knew Babu Owino was shameless given the mere fact that he is a Kenyan politician (politicians are a low species but Kenyan politicians are trash) but the way he has handled DJ Evolve’s recent tragedy is just so low it is disgusting.

“I am now a changed man” Babu Owino speaks after opening up about his Cocaine and Heroin addiction

For those of you not in the know, allow me to remind you of how a video surfaced allegedly showing the Embakasi East Member of Parliament shooting DJ Evolve in the neck. Yup, that is a thing that mainstream media doesn’t do nearly enough to highlight.

Babu Owino at Kevin’s last send off

And Babu Owino has since shown just how low a man he can be, devoid of honour as he used his victim’s plight to push his own agenda and fuel his PR engine to showcase himself as being a changed, even redeemed man.

DJ Evolve to withdraw case against Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

And now, DJ Evolve’s family is reeling from the loss of their mother. She, unfortunately, passed away and guess who chose this as a moment to speak on? Was it DJ Evolve? Of course not, from all the reports we have received, mans can hardly speak. It was Babu Owino.

Babu Owino

Yup, Babu Owino took to his social media account to start mouthing off about the fact that she is no longer with us. I just facepalmed myself so hard, I reset my factory settings.

Babu Owino discussing fighting Otile Brown for MP seat proves Kenya is broken

Why did his handlers not tell him to remain silent? Why did the people around him allow him to stumble into this mess? Also, what is so hard about simply shutting the F up?

DJ Evolve losses mum

I mean, listen, we get it, he is a Kenyan politician and we should anticipate the worst and lowest behaviour from them but one would have to think that someone as smart as Babu Owino would know to control his lower instincts.

Babu Owino deserves no sympathy

As in, just let these issues go. Not everything demands a commentary. Some things just need to be marked by a sombre silence. Do not involve us in your shenanigans.

New photos of DJ Evolve

What babu should have done is to silently reach out to the family he adversely affected. That is all that matters. He needs to move in silence and actually try to get the family better. There is no reason for him to step into the spotlight. None!

But as I said, he is not just a politician, he is a Kenyan politician.

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