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How Covid Pandemic Helped Vera To Settle Down

January 04, 2023 at 10:40
How Covid Pandemic Helped Vera To Settle Down

Who would have thought Vera Sidika would finally settle with a man; and even sire a child with them? Two years ago, it was peculiar to think the latter would come to pass.

Vera finally decided to settle down with whom she believes is the love of her life; Brown Mauzo. It wasn’t expected that Vera would settle with him. But according to her, the queen treatment she receives from him is what expedited her decision to stay.

Never Felt Better

The COVID-19 Pandemic kept so many people indoors. And to be honest, the number of pregnancies increased tremendously.

Vera Sidika’s photo with hubby leaves many talking

Similarly, people got time to bond with their families and make friends online. It seems like it was a blessing in disguise for Vera Sidika. She claims it made her contemplate on settling; and it was during the same period she got to meet the love of her life.

”2020; Covid, 2021; pregnant, 2022; pregnant again, 2023 give birth, get sexier than I’ve ever been. Travel the world. The past two yeas I’ve been focused on building a family & I’m happy I finally settled down & did it! COVID also helped tame me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have sat my ass down & met my soulmate. Would be all over travelling. My life is perfectly balanced now. Thank God. So we back to making magic! Backle up sweethearts. It’s about to get real wild!”


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