How DJ Mo’s very humble beginnings nearly cost him his marriage to Size 8

Image: Size 8 and DJ Mo

Turns out that Size 8 reborn and DJ Mos marital problems did not start the other day, after their recent revelation of how their families opposed their union.

While counselling their close family friends who are set to wed in October, the pair spilled fine details of how DJ Mos low financial status nearly cost them their marriage.

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Size 8 started by complaining about how backward her husband was, a man living in the city but still showing his village traits. The singer went ahead to expose her husband’s not-so glorious past.

Size 8 with hubby, DJ Mo

DJ Mos humble beginnings

According to Size 8, women nowadays want very flashy weddings because there is someone out there they want to make jealous and to also prove to the world that they have an able husband.

Speaking of their own experience, DJ Mo recalled how when he visited Size 8’s family, he was never warmly welcomed.

People wrote him off. Because he was a DJ and his brand was just coming up. But me in my private room with God, I believed DJ Mo carried a garment of wealth, not financially but wealth in terms of faith. Even when I was getting married to him, I was not comfortable, explained Size 8.

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo

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She went further to disclose that when she met her husband, he was living in a funny KSh13k house while she was staying in a KSh33k house and she just felt a bit off.

He did not have a microwave, a fridge, he was just too broke. He only had a car, but a smaller one than mine. But in my private chambers, God had told me hes going to be someone of wealth,” affirmed the singer.

So I realized this guy has potential. Hes coming up, so Im not going to stress him with a big wedding. Fast-forward, 7 years later, today, I ask him for pocket money, she wrapped up.

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