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How Khaligraph Jones completely pummeled Octopizzo in their beef

June 25, 2020 at 11:47
How Khaligraph Jones completely pummeled Octopizzo in their beef

Khaligraph Jones dominated Octopizzo in the last half of their beef and he did it so definitively that he even went as far as to try to make peace with his former foe, acknowledging that the beef was his doing just to gain some clout.

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Whatever the case may be and whomever you side with on the matter, the fact still remains that Octopizzo was blown out of the water by Khaligraph. Why you ask? Because at the height of his fame, he never got to the levels Khaligraph Jones is currently at.

khaligraph Jones

Kenya´s illest rapper, Khaligraph Jones

You see, when the beef started, Octopizzo was at critical mass, he was at the point where his ascendancy was just beginning. he came through with a slew of hits, even putting Vicmas Luodollar on the map with their collaboration but he got to a point where he couldn’t ascend any further.

Octopizzo should pull up his socks before it’s too late

Khaligraph Jones, on the other hand, has steadily been climbing to the pinnacle and even while he at the top of the totem pole at the moment he still seems to find new nooks and crannies to get himself into that make his star shine brighter.

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That is why when you look at the views of their music, when it comes to clout and fame across the border, Khaligraph Jones has it all. When it comes to the influence over the culture, especially in this space of influence over culture, Khaligraph is tops.

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He has managed to get to a level where Octopizzo never did. And the thing is, they are both pretty similar. Both are from the same ethnic community, both are from similar, impoverished backgrounds and both have cultivated the personal of assholes.

khaligraph jones

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones

And make no mistake about it, this isn’t my way of saying that Octopizzo was never a superstar he was. To the point, he even got mzungu attention and got invited into their spaces and was made a Un Ambassador for something. But perhaps this is where he lost his edge. Inorder for Octopizzo, Namba Nanae’s Finest, to ascend into those spaces, he had to shed his uncultured behaviours and personas. that cost him with the average Kenyan music fan who themselves are uncultured in their tastes.

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Khaligraph, on the other hand, came onto the scene with a fake accent. That was what everyone used to troll him but beyond that, he kept it uncultured. And when he explained the accent, Kenyans could understand why he had adopted it to begin with. To see whether it would open doors. And Kenyans could relate.


Kenyan hip-hop artist, Octopizzo

Also, while Octo shied away from doing heavy collaborations with fellow Kenyan acts, preferring instead to keep his music down to only having his voice and adlibs, Khaligraph Jones tactfully collaborated with people to the extent of having playful beefs with individuals.

“Chungeni sana ama niwafagilie nyinyi wote!” Khaligraph Jones warns Wasafi Records Mbosso and Lava Lava

And as a result, people gravitated more to Khaligraph. And that was how he won his beef. But whatever the case may be, can you imagine how heavy some collaborative work between the two would be?


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