How? “Me and Jalang’o love each other but we can never date or marry!” Akothee shouts

Jalango and Akothee have been BFFs for a long time now. That is if they have never been much closer.

The two are tight buddies but Akothee is out to clear the air that they cannot go further than that.

Recently, she was spotted at a festival with Jalang’o, holding each other close and laughing out loud, before clarifying:

Me and @jalangoo love each other , but we can never date or marry ????????????????????????????????????kila mutu anapambana na hali yake ya dryspell ???????????? our relationship is intimate and affectionate but not sexual ???????????????????????????????????? love you bro

From his end, the radio personality pens:

I have a friend and a sister in you (Akothee)! Much love
Kazi kwanza halafu mapenzi inaendelea ❤????????????JALUO I LOVE YOU TOO

However, another of her post reads:

When baby says I am here @jalangoo @thefourhorsemenke

The President of single mothers has always assured the world that she needs no man to be who she is despite several allegations on dating her manager, Nelly oaks.

Well, just last week she broke news of her unanticipated pregnancy to Kenyans who if anything, were left perturbed. After all, so was she.

Up on social media she expressed utter disbelief after confirming she has been carrying the pregnancy for 6 weeks now, without a clue.

What we have to deal with now, is figure out who the father is. The madam boss handles her love life like an egg and with top notch secrecy.

By now you know Kenyans are not buying her story though.


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