How Willy Paul completely beat Bahati in their beef

Willy Paul and Bahati had beef. While the industry really pushed hard to help Bahati win their beef, Willy Paul slogged it out alone and has completely pummelled Bahati to the point any time the two come up, it is hard not to feel sorry for Bahati. Granted, that because their’s was a high stakes beef, even the loser, Bahati still came out on top.

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But Willy Paul, because he could stand on his own two feet against the industry got to gain the unintended benefit of being truly independent and also getting to know from early on just who his allies and more importantly, his enemies are. And Willy Paul learning to be independent showed him how to organize his resources and all the factors needed to get a song out especially when people are keen for you to fail.

Willy Paul

Bahati, on the other hand, knew he had allies. He didn’t have to try too hard to make music and he always had a friend who hated Willy Paul more than he disliked him so he was willing to help push his music. As a result, Bahati stuck to his continual feedback loop of having people tell him he was right ion the money.

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That is why when Willy Paul finally switched from making gospel music to secular music, he had been toying around with different sounds and he didn’t have to limit himself to any genre’s instrumentals or rely on collaborations. Bahati, on the other hand, cannot make a hit song on his open, having sacrificed that ability as he chased big-name collaborations and he had to also jump on trends like Gengeton which was alien to both him and his fanbase.

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Bahati had to rely heavily on publicity stunts and reality TV shows to remain relevant. Without the publicity stunts, it is almost guaranteed that Bahati would have vanished like your wife’s bad fart after you open the windows. Bahati also had to lean heavily on his wife’s star power. He was lucky in that he chose a bride who was as hungry for stardom as he is so she completely embraced the spotlight. She also has the acumen to build her brand once Bahati gave her a hand.

Willy Paul on his part relies on one thing alone; his music. That doesn’t mean controversies have not haunted his career like Diana Marua’s past sexual relationships haunts her. That just means that he doesn’t create publicity stunts nor dwell on controversies just to remain relevant.

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Pozze as he is, is a complete artist who can stand on his body of work. He can actually perform an entire 2 hour set on his own. Bahati would have to sing verses here and there of his collaborations. There really is no comparison at this point in time. Diana Marua’s husband needs artists who haven’t been on the scene for an entire year to sustain his career.


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