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Huddah denies having a romantic relationship with Juma Jux

September 06, 2022 at 13:21
Huddah denies having a romantic relationship with Juma Jux

Huddah has had si much fun with Juma Jux and thanks to their couple goal photos shared a few months back – fans were all convinced the two were a couple. Actually anyone would have thought the same especially with how lovy dovy they used to act around each other.

Huddah with Juma Jux

The rumors started back in 2020 after their Zanzibar vacation but back then, Juma Jux clearly was in it for fun since he was still hang on Vanessa Mdee. It’s also the same time he dropped a new song dedicated to his ex lover and him being so in love – he used a Vanessa Mdee lookalike on the video; and this is where Huddah made her ‘private relationship’ with Juma Jux so obvious by commenting This my fave SOng! Zanzibar memories 😛😍😍😍 under the song.

If that’s not insecurity or wait….marking her territory with the guy then i don’t know what to call it.

Changes tune

Well, months later and Huddah now says her relationship with Jux was nothing personal but business. Yea business with pleasure but then again – how would we know and we weren’t part of the them?

Anyway responding to a QnA post asking about Juma Jux whereabouts

Juma Jux ako aje

To which Huddah responded saying;

Kama Raila. Ilikuwa tu project. Na iliisha. (It was just another project)

Mmh, for a lady who doesn’t kiss and tell – clearly Huddah will not give us any juice.


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