Huddah discusses her experience with the flooding in Dubai, which left the city severely damaged

Dubai was hit by massive flooding recently, experiencing a year’s worth of rainfall in just one day, leading to various challenges for residents. Images and videos circulating online depict the difficulties faced by people due to the inundation.

The excessive rainfall was attributed to a weather modification technique known as cloud seeding. The state-run WAM news agency described the rainfall as a “historic weather event,” surpassing records dating back to 1949.


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Despite the widespread disruptions caused by the floods, social media personality Huddah Monroe showcased her rain-free and pristine surroundings on her social media platforms. With a hint of sarcasm, she remarked on the flooding in other parts of the city, contrasting it with her own situation.

While floods wreaked havoc at the airport and other locations, Monroe boasted about her unaffected living conditions, emphasizing that she resides in an area untouched by the flooding issues.

Accompanied by a video of herself walking under clear skies, Monroe emphasized the stark difference between her rain-free location and the flooded areas in Dubai.


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She also shared a light-hearted anecdote about walking to Dubai Mall in the rain, adding a humorous touch to her depiction of the contrasting weather conditions.

As some residents struggled with flooded homes and called for assistance, Monroe highlighted her residence in a high-rise building, showcasing the privilege of living above ground-level concerns.

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