Huddah Monroe Addresses Relationship Status

In a recent Q&A session with fans, Huddah Monroe denied rumors that she is dating a Muslim man.

The Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, who is known for her outspokenness, has been wearing abayas, a traditional Muslim garment, in recent months. This led some fans to speculate that she had converted to Islam or was in a relationship with a Muslim man.

However, Huddah clarified that she has always been a Muslim and that she simply enjoys wearing abayas. She also said that she is not currently dating anyone.

“I’m Muslim hun, always been. I practice all. “I’m not dating anyone.”

Huddah’s comments come at a time when she is enjoying great success with her cosmetics brand, Rich Beauty. The brand has been gaining popularity in recent months, and Huddah has been busy promoting it in Kenya.

She is currently in Kenya from Dubai, where she had been living for the past few years.

Huddah is one of the most popular and successful celebrities in Kenya. She has a large following on social media, and her fans are always eager to hear what she has to say. Her recent comments about her relationship status have generated a lot of interest, and it will be interesting to see what she does next.

One of her fans asked about her marital status. 

“Hauna anxiety ya maisha as in uko peke yako Tu umri umeeenda hauna hata company hauskii anxiety?” she was asked.

Huddah said she has never been single,

“I CANT RELATE IVE NEVER BEEN SINGLE,” she proudly responded.

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