Huddah Monroe Advices Ladies To Keep Off Relationships, Says It Slows Down Progress

Everyone has their own multifaceted view of relationships and how sweet or bitter the bond is, depending on their experience and partner(s) that they’ve had to share the foundation with. Being swept off one’s feet by a person you have feelings for is sometimes inevitable and may end up in a relationship. For some, the experience ends up in cloud 9, while others end up in premium tears after an obnoxious relationship experience.

A successful relationship takes commitment, compromise, forgiveness and most of all — effort.

Huddah’s Sentiments On Relationships

That being said, Huddah Monroe is among the few who believe relationships are a deal breaker. The exquisite socialite is good when it comes to keeping her relationships under wraps with a minimum of fuss. All you’ll see on her social media is her promoting her business and flaunting what her mama gave her. She’ll never show you her man.

But she claims she’s a sucker for love and she’s always in a relationship. Despite treasuring relationships, she advices women to keep off, stressing that they ‘forget themselves’. She shared the same via her Instagram stories;

”Women get into relationships and forget themselves. Me being one of them. I like love. I’m always in a relationship. And I forget the whole world when I’m with my man. Sometimes it’s good. But choose the right man for your spirit & soul!…”

She continued to explain her negative side of relationships;

”Relationships really slow you down! The few months I’ve been here away from my man. I’ve done the most for myself that makes me & myself that makes me and myself happy & not trying to juggle a man & my time. I feel content. ”

Most will agree with Huddah’s sentiments. And I bet someone’s about to lose their partner because of her advice, you dig?????

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