Huddah Monroe Caught Faking Business Class Flight

Like some many other celebrities faking their lifestyle, Huddah Monroe has also been caught up. The cosmetic business mogul recently flaunted that she was flying in the business class flight.

To make things look uncanny, Huddah claimed that she was sitting with a friend whom she got the post from.

”I’m unfollowing people I know personally on IG to protect them from BS. I was travelling with a friend & people found her page & started sending her BS, saying I stole her shit when she was next to me in the same flight. The girl was traumatized.”

Turns out, the lady whom she claimed she was sitting with in the business class has now refuted that she was in the same flight as her.

”Let’s tell the truth we weren’t on the same flight, the girl has the right to post what she wants and it doesn’t bother me if she uses my contents but y’all just push people to lie on this social media please I don’t want my name on it. Thanks.”

Below are screenshots of how Huddah had to respond to the allegations;


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