Huddah Monroe Declares Interest In Becoming A Musician-I Don’t See Any Bad A$$ Female Artist In Africa

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has announced that she’s interested in becoming a singer. The flamboyant actress shared her interest with her fans on Instagram; stating that she hasn’t seen tough female competitors in Africa in the music industry.

”Thinking of getting into music! Lol! I don’t see any bad ass female artists in Africa! Apart from like 5 I love.”

Huddah has been in the music industry before through video vixening.

Huddah In The Music Industry

Before she waltzed into the limelight officially in 2013 with her killer body and controversial stunts, Huddah started out as a video vixen in Profesa Eshuiya’s music video dubbed ‘Ukweli.’ She went ahead to feature in a couple more songs which saw her gain popularity.

After gaining some recognition, Huddah featured in ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ by Jaguar featuring AY.

Huddah(right), as a video vixen back in the day-Google

Huddah’s interest in music was probably expedited by the fact that she’s been in the musical scene.

Music is becoming one of the most well-paying forms of entertainment. However, Huddah did not disclose what genre she would like to sing.

Her announcement comes just weeks after she also declared interest in politics; where she also shared on her Instagram stories.

”The first female president of Kenya. I still can. Coz only I can stop I”

This was not her first time to show interest in politics; as she had reiterated the same way back in 2019.

Huddah is well known for not shying away from keeping her sentiments known. But will she take her musical interest seriously this time?


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