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Huddah Monroe Explains Why She Doesn’t Mind Being A 2nd Wife To a Wealthy Man (Screenshot)

August 01, 2022 at 05:50
Huddah Monroe Explains Why She Doesn't Mind Being A 2nd Wife To a Wealthy Man (Screenshot)

Exquisite Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe would rather have a co-wife than staying alone in marriage. The Huddah Cosmetics CEO shared a series of thoughts on her gram as to why she believes her man should opt for a 2nd wife than having one.

According to Huddah, love in marriage slowly fades as you grow older together, and having two wives would spice up the marriage. This was one of the reasons she shared;

’’Telling my friend I don’t mind my man taking a second wife if he is wealthy and can take care of coz I don’t imagine me servicing my man for the rest of my life. At some point I’ll be exhausted’

Huddah continued to purport that sexual appetite also fades with time;

”At 50 you can’t be turning me around asking for d*ggy style. Go get you a young woman. Tf!?

”Energy depletes. That’s why it’s called rest in peace. You can’t be on the move forever. You must rest @ some point.”

Huddah’s relationships have been under wraps for a very long time. But she’s never tardy when it comes to narrating how good her men treat her. Recently, she sparked dating rumours with Tanzanian musical star Juma Jux; with whom they were spotted getting all cosy in public. Shortly after, she dismissed the rumours saying that they’re only business partners.

What’s your thought on Huddah’s sentiments of wealthy men having a 2nd wife?


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