Huddah Monroe Explains Why She’s Ready To Adopt Rather Than Giving Birth (Screenshot)

Socialite Huddah Monroe is never shy when it comes to expressing her sentiments on explicit issues including marriage, sex & relationships. The damsel is yet to give birth to a first born like her fellow socialite Vera Sidika. Pressure is imminently piling up on the 30 year old, who has been on the spotlight for not siring kids at her age.

Most stereotypes have it that women should have at least one kid by 30 years old. But Huddah is not bowing down to public pressure.

The socialite recently shared via her Instagram that she’s not ready to give birth anytime soon. She explained that there’s the option of adopting a kid(s) rather than having her own.

She wrote;

” I don’t think the only purpose of a woman on earth is to give birth. So that doesn’t bother, never even thought of it. There’s too many homeless kids with no mothers or parents. So you could still mother them…. Being a mother is nurture/ bring up.”

Despite the socialite admitting she spends most of her free time having $ex, she’s still not showing any signs of having a baby anytime soon.

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