Huddah Monroe exposes a high government official who stole her project idea

Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman has come out to reveal that she is the one who came up with the peace concerts aiming to use local artists to reach out to the youths and all Kenyans together.

However even before she could sit down and draft a plan on how the project would would work, she felt the need of sharing the idea with one high government official she thought she could trust – only to be stabbed in the back.

Huddah Monroe at KICC

Apparently the unnamed politician went ahead and executed the idea without involving Huddah and till date still claims the project without giving the socialite any credit. Through her social media pages she wrote saying;

“I came up with the peace concert idea bringing all Kenyan artists, new talent together to perform. I shared with a high government official and they did not let me execute it! They have stolen three of my ideas while I watch.”

She went on to add;

Then I see Nigerians line up at our own peace concerts. How does that bring Kenyans together? This is not just any concert! It’s for the people of Kenya by Kenyans.
Its high time Kenyan artists stop doing free appearances and charging peanuts for shows! If you want great music and videos you must pay for it. How do you do it doing free sh*t? Or asking for peanuts?

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