Huddah Monroe leaves Timaya broke after his recent trip to Kenya, this is how he blew ksh. 800k in just 3 days

For those who understand Huddah’s hustle, I am pretty sure you know that she talks and breaths money. So far she has made it clear that she does not waste her time with people who cannot help her build or rather give her money.

She is widely known in Africa and I hear Nigerian men cannot keep their eyes off her. For this reason, Singer Timaya got to spend his time with the lass during his recent visit to Kenya and word has it that he actually blew around Ksh 826,400 in just three days thanks to Huddah.

Huddah hangs out with Timaya
Huddah hangs out with Timaya

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Well, of course he had to carter for the services offered by the former Kenyan socialite but seems that he bit more than he could chew.

Apparently as reported by the Nairobian the Nigerian singer had to borrow a loan of Ksh 413,200 to help clear the bill at the hotel after running dry in his pockets after three days of entertaining Huddah in his hotel room.

It is no secret that it takes a lot of money to maintain a lady like Huddah and Vera…but will Timaya ever dare hit up Huddah again? Well who knows!

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