Huddah Monroe regrets smoking shisha, wants to cash in on shisha ban in Kenya

Huddah Monroe was a habitual smoker of water-pipe tobacco commonly known as shisha. The socialite used to smoke shisha in clubs before the ban came into effect.

The government through the Ministry of Health banned the use of shisha in Kenya sometimes in December 2017. The move followed a similar ban of shisha in Tanzania and Rwanda.

Then Health CS  Cleopa Mailu stated that smoking shisha posed grave health risks as shisha smokers in a single session would inhale smoke of 100 or more cigarettes.

We were killing ourselves

Huddah Monroe regrets smoking shisha, the socialite admits smoking the water-pipe tobacco poses great health risks. She further revealed plans to cash in on shisha ban in Kenya by introducing her own cigars.

“I am glad they banned SHISHA in KENYA….Paved way for HUDDAH CIGARS ?….. Gosh, we all looked ratchet as fuck smoking this piece of shit! Sharing pipes with strangers, soo disgusting! We were Killing ourselves thinking issss coo! ?,” wrote Huddah Monroe.


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