Huddah says Kenyans complaining about cost of living just need to earn more

Huddah Monroe is back to her vapid ways but this time, we can’t say she’s wrong… I mean, her statement is dumb and distasteful but she’s not wrong!

For some reason she decided to bless us with her 2 cents regarding the cost of living protests that were held on Monday, 21st March 2023 and according to her, they are of no avail.

‘I Once Dated A Makanga’- Huddah Monroe

Huddah feels like the Kenyans complaining about what is happening needs to be addressed as a challenge to raise one’s income rather than complain about existing taxes. And I know that sounded smart to your girlfriend because she too is a bimbo.

The problem with this solution is that it doesn’t address the underlying source of the socio-economic pressure: government spending. You see, we are being taxed because of loans our “leaders” took.

Huddah’s pregnancy was not real ????

A result of one particular loan we went to beg for was to be told that the government had to pull back any subsidies they had extended to Kenyans to cushion us from tough times. Huddah would know that this means that regardless of how much you earn, you cannot tax a country into prosperity.

And so she would know that while her advise is solid; find ways to increase your income, governance can cut what you own and make it worth less by piling on taxes as it has been doing to the common mwananchi.

Only foolish women would listen to Huddah’s relationship advice

And this is why I regret asking where the celebrities were while Kenyans were demonstrating. If Huddah is opening her mouth to role-play Marie Antionnette then I’d rather she remained silent.

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