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Huddah should learn from Vera Sidika before looking down on African men

January 10, 2023 at 18:33
Huddah should learn from Vera Sidika before looking down on African men

So Huddah now says she wants a Russian Man to pull her out of her misery now that she has realized dating African men will keep her stuck in the same position; and just like every other girls dream out her – poverty is not her potion.

I totally agree with her judging by the few now successful African women married to white European men. One thing i know is that most European men will support their women financially and emotionally – something you rarely find the a few rich African men who prefer keeping their women on a leash with the mentality of if i help her, she will become better and leave me.

It happens, right? And I guess Huddah must have met one of these breeds hence her post;

Vera Sidika said the same

However we heard this before. A while back Vera Sidika had promised us she would settle down with an extremely wealthy man who would support her lifestye – but this was back when she was in her 20’s.

But as soon as she hit 30’s Vera Sidika changed her tune and settled down with Brown Mauzo – a local artist and from what we have heard on social media is that Vera is now the breadwinner and not the other way round.

Not that this is a bad thing but its the perfect example for those who brag and look down on others – just because they can. The universe might give you all your hearts desires, but when it dishes out Karma – things get ugly. So yea, moral of the story is that Huddah should stop counting her chicks before they hatch.


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