Huddah Speaks On Why She’ll Never Date Kenyan Men- ‘I Have Dated Almost All Races In The World’

Huddah’s lavish lifestyle in Dubai reveals much about her; she definitely won’t settle for less. While she tends to keep her love life a secret, it’s now clear that she has been with several kinds of men. The only thing you’ll notice is her explicit photos on her Instagram; which always leaves fans posing the question; who is the guy behind the camera?

Huddah Not Vulnerable

Well, Huddah doesn’t give boyfriend snatchers an opportunity since she makes it really hard to know her man. Her prowess in keeping what she wants private is impeccable. She might as well get pregnant without us knowing.

She has however divulged that she has dated almost all races in the world; and Kenyan men are not her cup of tea. Why? Well, Huddah is a spendthrift. And according to her, Kenyan men are stingy. On her Insta stories, Huddah wrote;

”I have dated almost all races in the world. For experiment. Even Chinese, Indian, Lool! I know Asians for sure ain’t my cup of tea!πŸ˜‚

Kenyan men can be too stingy. I love spending money. Not my cup of tea!”

Huddah continued by saying Nigerian men aren’t stingy but not worth settling with;

”In black community a Nigerian is headache. Not bad for enjoyment but not to settle unless you wanna die young ok. Life’s about choices. Also not my cup of teaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”


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