Huddah unapologetically goes after pregnant Wahu weeks after insulting Yummy Mummy

Huddah will always have a problem with anyone who tries to belittle her – well anybody would, but in this case it’s just that Huddah doesn’t like taking criticism.

About a week ago, the lady went crazy insulting Yummy Mummy aka Murugi Munyi who gave her honest review on Rich Skin collection by the socialite; and judging from what she said – mmmmmh it kinda triggered Huddah’s not so good side hence the bitter exchange.

Now – we have Huddah back to making news after revealing that Wahu and Nameless are among the many people who once looked down on her back in the day. According to Huddah, she once auditioned to appear on Wahu’s music video as a dancer – but it go so well.

Wahu and Nameless looked down on me – Huddah

Speaking during a recent radio interview, Huddah revealed that although her group was made a couple of East African girls; singer Wahu just took one look at her (Huddah) and said….hapana she can’t dance for me.

Many celebrities in Kenya were looking down on me. Sana sana Nameless and Wahu…sana sana Wahu. Wahu alikuwa anasema no no she (Huddah) can’t dance for me. She doesn’t qualify to dance for me.

And years later things seem to have changed as she no longer wants to feature on any local project – especially after what she went through.

However chances are that maybe they didn’t really look down on her but because of what she was on back then – reflected on her image…and of course you can’t have that on a project that will last for years.

But then again – Huddah isn’t the type to accept no from anyone, it’s either showing her her love or nothing.


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