“Huna jipya” Bahati told after sharing a video smoking electric cigarette

So far it is no secret that Bahati quit the gospel industry to avoid being judged for his earthly ways. Well, just like his age mates, he probably wants to drink in public, go clubbing; or post videos vaping without expecting any judge mental comments – but Kenyans are over that!

By now most fans are convinced that Bahati is in the gospel industry to make money and not speed the gospel. Looking at how far he has come – it’s no secret that the gospel industry and church ministries is where the good money is.

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You doubt this? Well, think of it like this. Bahati just released a new gospel song and just days later he is seen smoking/vaping on social media; giving fans a reason to talk.

Fans are tired!

With them talking some will be triggered to go listen to the message in the new song; and just like that – Bahati’s gets the numbers and the money!

I know, it’s a smart move cause the kids gotta eat at the end of the day; but the stunts Bahati keeps making also seem like a mockery to the Christian community who are now bashing him.

As seen on some of the comments, fans warned Bahati against playing with God; as most reminded him that his actions have consequences. One fan wrote;


While another went on to add;

Na ati ulikua unaimbia God…aki wewe baha, pesa wewe

Watch the video here.

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