“Huoni uchungu napitia” Bahati responds to Diana Marua after she left her matrimonial home claiming he was neglecting her

Diana Marua has not been staying with her husband gospel singer Kevin Bahati for the last three weeks. The mother of one left her matrimonial claiming her husband was neglecting her.

“Baha is never home, ata akicome mapema anacome ananiambia venye amechoka anafaa alale mapema kesho ako meeting. Anacome anashika mtoi two minutes, five minutes amemaliza. Anenda kulala, anakula anaenda kulala. Mi nafeel nko drained,” said Diana Marua on last week’s episode of their reality TV show ‘Being Bahati’.

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Just escaping poverty

Bahati responded to his wife’s claims that he was neglecting her in a post on Instagram. The gospel singer said that he was only working hard to ensure his family does not live in poverty like him when he was growing up.

“Kuongea Kwako Kuna Maana Huoni Uchungu Napitia, Naikimbia Shida Nilikotoka Nyumbani Unapajua ? #BEINGBAHATI is Hard!!!” Wrote Bahati.


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