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“Huyo chokora” Eric Omondi showers insults on Noti Flow for ‘disrespecting’ him

March 31, 2022 at 15:52
“Huyo chokora” Eric Omondi showers insults on Noti Flow for ‘disrespecting’ him

Eric Omondi will not be sparing anyone picking on him through social media. Whether old or young – he will clap back. Whether friends or frenemies….Eric Omondi will not hold back from defending himself.

So far we’ve seen how things between him and Ezekiel Mutua went down, his beef with Bien…but wait – we like that one and now – his latest beef with Noti Flow who claims he (Eric Omondi) decided to gift his girlfriend Lynn a car after he saw what she (Noti Flow) did for her girlfriend, King Alami.

Well- I don’t know Eric gifting his girl a car triggered Noti Flow – making her throw shade in a lengthy post shared on Instagram; but all I know is that, she didn’t expect Eric Omondi to react so harshly.

Comedian hits Noti Flow below the belt

Having come across the post where Noti implied he copied her idea on gifting girlfriend a car; Eric Omondi in turn responded to Noti’s allegations with a post where he wrote;

Ambieni huyu chokora asiwai Taja jina yangu tena!!!! Ama nitamshika na huyu dame wake ni wakule wakue straight. Idiiot.



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