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“Hydrating and guarding my heart!” Trouble in paradise for Betty Kyallo and Somali boyfriend?

April 06, 2020 at 12:26
“Hydrating and guarding my heart!” Trouble in paradise for Betty Kyallo and Somali boyfriend?

Okay, for starters I know a lot has been said about Betty Kyallo aka BK; but truth is, both bloggers and fans can’t keep her name out of their mouths!

For many single mums, BK is the ultimate goals since she has always made it look quite easy when comes to her baby girl Ivanna! For 4 years now, Betty Kyallo has been singlehandedly raising her daughter with the help of her family!

Betty Kyallo

Anyway away from that, we understand that BK is rumored to be involved with a wealthy Somali young man.

Rumor has it that he has been financing BK and her daughter for a while now and from the look of things; he is also said to be much in love with the lass.

Married man

However a well known blogger just a few weeks ago revealed that the said Somali fella is married and has a family back in UK.

We can however not confirm this but truth is, Ms Betty is not ready to open up about her relationship; especially seeing how things ended between her and baby daddy Dennis Okari.

BK single?

This past weekend the popular news anchor left many overthinking thanks to a caption used on her photo. The caption read;


Candy Girl… Hydrating and guarding my heart against anything that displeases my soul❤️❤️ Sweeeeet🍭🍭🍭
Love my hot dress from @luwiboutique_254

This message has left many wondering whether things between her and Somali boyfriend are not so good.

Well judging from her last breakdown on IG live; I bet the only explanation we might have for now is that her heart may be bleeding hence the breaks down and caption. Right?



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