“I am happier than I have ever been” Lilian Muli addresses Ben10 boyfriend rumors

Image: Lilian Muli exposes fake IG account in her name

So Lilian Muli was in Naivasha this past weekend celebrating her birthday with a few of her girlfriends; and a man, Jimmy Ngechu – who many believe might be warming her bed – that is judging from her body language as seen on the clip shared on her page.

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Judging from the video, Lilian Muli is seen seated on the co drivers seat; but at some point she teases fans with a short glimpse of Jimmy Ngechu’s tatted full arm – probably just to prove that she hasn’t been lonely as people think. Wait, didn’t baby daddy walk out in 2021?

Anyway, I’m assuming Lilian Muli did not think her plan through as social media users quickly linked the ‘not so unique tattoo’ to Jimmy Ngechu; who by the way parades it (tattoo) on almost all his photos as seen on his Instagram page.

Jimmy Ngechu

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Lilian Muli denies alleged boyfriend

With blogs and fans linking her to the young Jimmy Ngechu, Lilian Muli has now come out to address this Ben 10 issues; and expected – she denied him like Peter did with Jesus on that fateful night.

Speaking during a recent interview, Lilian Muli said;

We are not in a relationship with everyone we take pictures with. I’m a social person and I like making new friends everywhere I go. Please don’t speculate about who is my boyfriend and who is not it hurts innocent people especially those who Love the people you claim are in relationships that don’t exist.

Wait did she just say ‘I’m a social person and I like making new friends everywhere?’ Sis didn’t you spend your weekend birthday getaway in Naivasha – sin city with the guy?

About her ‘real bae’ Lilian Muli had this to say;

I am happier than I have ever been. I am in a good place and trust me I would never post a picture of my man.

But why didn’t he drive her for the girl’s trip then?

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