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“I am loving the new me” Mulamwah explains his relationship with teenage socialite, Shakilla

October 12, 2020 at 11:43
"I am loving the new me" Mulamwah explains his relationship with teenage socialite, Shakilla

A few days ago Mulamwah was spotted in the company of socialite Mulamwah; and judging from the viral clips and photos it was evident to see that liquor was totally getting these two too close.

For a minute many went on to assume that these two were now an item; however Mulawmah has come out to explain himself as seen on his latest IG story.

According to the funny man, being around Shakilla did not mean that they were dating – although this is what many continue to believe. However, through his statement Mulamwah explained his relationship with Shakilla saying;

About yesterday’s events, no one is dating anyone here and there’s nothing in between any of us whatsoever; it was just partying with those that are vybing with the same energy as you are. Anyways, I am loving the new me, lessons are to be learned. Siasa ziishe sasa tupige chronicles kama kawa. So subscribe and lets roll, newly structured show loading, we must have fun regardless. Konkiiiii

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Mulamwah’s breakup

After his breakup with girlfriend Sonnie, comedian Mulamwah has been portraying the ‘I am hurt’ character; and for some reason we have every reason to believe that his ex walked out on him.

Exes; Mulamwah and Sonnie

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However, this could have also been a mutual breakup; but with how Mulamwah has been acting on his social media pages, this only proves that he was not so prepared for this. But hey, you only live once, right?



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