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“I am not clout chasing” Willy Paul cries after management cancels project with Rekles

December 16, 2020 at 14:27
"I am not clout chasing" Willy Paul cries after management cancels project with Rekles

Singer Willy Paul is either having trouble with his management; or the fella is hyping an upcoming project that will feature bad man, Rekless. Well, this is how fans feel about the whole ‘misunderstanding issue with his management;’ as most question why he can’t up and leave.

However according to Willy Paul, he has a contract that ties him with the management; and since he cannot release any project without their consent, all he can do is make noise through his posts.

So far we have seen him call out the ‘management’ for claiming gengetone artists have zero content in terms of lyrics; adding that this is the reason why his song featuring Rekless was not among the songs on his Songs of Solomon album.

Willy Paul

#SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM has only 9 songs… truth is… songs zinafaa kuwa 10 but unfortunately my management said no to the 10th song.. they said there’s no way watakubali niimbe na wasani wa gengetone. That’ hao wasee hawana sense kwa songs zao!! Surely how can one say that kwa mtu mwenye anatry kuweka food kwa meza?

I’m not faking

Seeing that most people feel that he is creating hype for an upcoming project; Pozee quickly shared yet another post explaining himself. According to baba King Damien, he has no reason to clout chase; but his only mission is to ensure the young Gengetone boys are given the respect they deserve.

In the detailed post Pozee wrote;

Morning, so I posted this piece here yesterday and kuna wale walisema ni kiki!!! All good though. Endelea kupiga mdomo hapo, one day your relative or even ur child will face the same. Hapo ndio utajua haujui nkt!! We must stop this. We must come together, we must unite there’s no way out. Don’t look down on someone just because you think ur better than them! Charity begins at home..and I’m setting that example now.. wasanii mnasikia?
#SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM had a bonus track na gengetone artists. My management removed the song from the album without my knowledge manze. Wakasema I have a contract with them, a contract that must be followed! Ati they only want the best for me.

To his manager, Pozee went on to rant saying;

@jeffaflexx_ I’ve known you for years now manze.. done everything na rules vile inafaa sasa mbona hii inakua issue? Kumbuka hawa wasani wa gengetone ndio wamefanya mziki ya Kenya ikaanza tena kupata airplay. Kweli maybe some hawana direction, but I believe wakionyeshwa njia inaeza work poa.. but threatening me ati you’ll sue me if I add the song to #SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM sio fair walai buda…I’m adding the song, yaani you guys do ur worse. MANDELA alianza hivi tu…Thank you to everybody that’s got my back. Thank you.

But hey,


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