“I am not the one who hurt you!’ Lilian Muli unapologetically claps back at male fan 

Lilian Muli is not your average next door neighbour! Unlike many know, she started hustling while still young and thanks to her hard work and determination; the lass has managed to get her name out there.

Even with such success Lilian Muli still has to deal with her various fans who can sometimes leave the lady showing the public her bad side. Don’t get me wrong but Lilian Muli is no different from any other human being.

And those who get to leave petty comments on her post like Makori Malema get to face her wrath whether in public or in the DM. Well, the fan went on to leave ‘a not so well thought’ comment under Muli’s post where she celebrated her old friend, Pastor Burale.

Makori wrote trash talking Lilian who he claims has become a psycho thank to Kisii ex/current husband. The young man wrote;

“Indeed our Kisii Community Husband Made you a psycho lol.”

Lilian claps back

Seeing a man old enough to be somebody’s father leaving such comment on the post; left Lilian Muli feeling not just angry but sorry for him. While replying to the comment Lilian Muli not only insulted the guy but challenged him to face her. Lilian went on to write saying;

So i usually delete such crap and move on! But let me make this sissy famous! Excuse me Toad come and say this to my face idiot! I hate spite and i hate mean people. Sorry bro i’m not the one who hurt you.
How is this in any way something you should post coz i wished my friend a Happy Birthday!

Makori’s apology

Seeing that she publicly called him out, the young man was forced to issue an apology for his dumb move that almost made him famous on social media. Muli on the other hand accepted the apology but with a warning. She wrote;

Ndienda wana. Also i can be so petty when i am upset! Good manners dont cost anything…Apology accepted!

Well it seems Makori was not prepared to face this other side of Lilian Muli and from now on I bet he will not be making the same mistake!

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