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I Can Have Both Family And Career- Nadia Mukami Bashes Stereotypes

March 11, 2022 at 09:53
I Can Have Both Family And Career- Nadia Mukami Bashes Stereotypes

Becoming a mum is one of the most demanding jobs, especially when you’re just beginning to breastfeed and all. It’s not the easiest of tasks bearing in mind you have to take time to bond with your loved one(s). Either way, welcoming your bundle of joy as responsible parents also comes with bundles of blessings.

That being said, raising a kid requires ample time and commitment. That’s why some women opt to quit their job or take a sabbatical leave. Some of their careers end up being in jeaopardy over the same. Once you start raising a family as a woman, you focus solely on it- this is the typical stereotype held by most.

Nadia Mukami On Career & Raising A Family

But for some like Nadia, she’s looking forward to having both at the palm of her hands; without necessarily being in doldrums. The African Popstar is set to welcome her first born baby boy with Arrow Bwoy. They revealed the pregnancy 2 days ago and expressed how exuberant they are to expect their bundle of joy, especially bearing in mind that Nadia had miscarried last year.

Anyway, Nadia has now shut down stereotypes via her Instagram, stating that she’ll balance between family & career and won’t stop singing at any point.

”Why can’t I have both: A career & a Family. Why do I have to choose one. We can have both. I always prayed for both. 😉 God is making it possible😉🙏
Through @lola_and_safari_foundation we are here to remind women:

‘’No dream should die for the sake of Gender’
We can have both ♥️”

Nadia has since received massive support upon making the statement.


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