“I cannot wait to get back on my feet, meet and entertain my fans!” DJ Evolve

DJ Evolve was recently discharged from the Nairobi Hospital after 5 months of being in the intensive care unit. Back in January 2020, Evolve was allegedly involved in an argument with Embakasi East that led to him getting a gun shot on his neck.

From the footage shared widely on social media; Babu Owino was seen pulling out his gun and firing at Evolve without a care in the world. Moments after this, the same Babu and his bodyguard were seen carrying a lifeless body in the corridor; and later on it was reported that he was rushed to the Nairobi Hospital.

Unfortunately, Evolve’s injury forced him to undergo several surgeries; as doctor’s hoped this would speed up his recovery process. Being alive is however something his family remains grateful for and now that he is finally home, their hope continues to grow each day.

New photos of DJ Evolve

Evolve speaks

After being discharged from the hospital, his mum went on to thank fans, family and friends for standing with them throughout. Although Evolve is yet to get better, his mum made it known that her son will not be having visitors. This is because of the orders given to them by Evolves doctors.

I know very many well-wishers and friends would love to come to visit him at home, but the medics have put stringent measures to regulate the people who can see him at a particular time. Home-based care has strict guidelines on maintaining hygiene

Surprisingly Evolve also had a few words to say; and this time around, he promised fans a good time in future as he plans to get back in his feet as soon as possible.

Evolve recuperating from home

“Sometimes I can feel my toes. That reassures me that God is still working on me. I cannot wait to get back on my feet, meet and entertain my fans,”

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