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“I did not kill their careers” Mwalimu Rachel addresses beef between her and Gengetone artists, sailors

January 17, 2022 at 12:06
“I did not kill their careers” Mwalimu Rachel addresses beef between her and Gengetone artists, sailors

It has been a tough journey for Mwalimu Rachel who parted ways with Gengetone boyband,Sailors. From what we gathered back then is that the boys went behind her back and signed a new deal with black market records; and being the one who was managing the group – Mwalimu Rachel felt played.

One thing led to another and finally Mwalimu Rachel finally let Sailors move on after they their paid for her services; not forgetting the YouTube channel she had given them to use for their music. Truth is, things really got ugly during the separation time and to some extend – they even took the matter to court.

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Mwalimu Rachel spends night behind bars following assault on upcoming artiste

What many don’t know is what happened behind the scenes and thanks to a detailed interview by Mwalimu Rachel; we get to hear her side of the story and how it affected her as a person. Well, according to Mwalimu Rachel, parting ways with the Sailors boys not only affected her – but – her son who received death threats.

The negativity I have found online has really shaken me. My son and I have received death threats from the fans because of the YouTube channel

I did not kill their careers – Mwalimu Rachel

Speaking during a sit down with Cutizen Digital, the media personality made it known that the rumors claiming that she killed the boys career is false; adding that all along she treated them with motherly care.

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I did not kill their career. People think I did and they have gone ahead and asked my bosses to fire me yet they know nothing about the story. Unfortunately, social media is the way it is and nothing can be done about that. I have always kept quiet because I’m not only protecting myself but them also. And they know this. You do not relinquish your motherly care because of turmoil, and that motherly love has always been there.

However since their relationship was based on business terms; Rachel says she did not charge sailors anything – but – the new music label which was now taking over. According to Rachel she only charged them (BML) for her YouTube channel which she says was Ksh 1.5 million back then.

As a business that has not binding contract or agreement with a third party, would it really make sense to just hand over logins? The simple answer is no.” “After all it’s just business, nothing personal, but I know there’s a proper way to do it. I estimated the value of that channel and the work my team and I put in it, at Ksh1.5 Million (I’m starting to think I underquoted). I was charging the record label so that they can take the ownership of this channel. I was not charging sailors.”


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