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“I don’t have biscuits to give you” Amira tells off Youngins sliding in her DM

August 29, 2022 at 16:21
"I don't have biscuits to give you" Amira tells off Youngins sliding in her DM

Amira is big mad at young men in her DM asking to date her. Not sure what she was expecting especially after claiming her ex man, Jimal is no longer her type…I mean, the post looked like a greenlight to single men who’ve been eyeing her.

Tbt: Amira with family

I know yall are tired of her drama with Jimal and as much as we want to let their scoop slide…we just can’t. These two are serving soap opera stunts on social media…it’s like watching a Mexican telenovela where Alejandro keeps messing with Camilla’s heart…apologizes but isn’t still committed.

Camilla on the other hand starts acting single – hence attracting the attention Roberto, Juan (Marto and kevo) who start chasing her; but since she’s still in love and bitter with Alejandro – she makes effort to let everyone around her know she has suitors chasing her too. Maybe…just maybe to get Alejandro to act right…but we all know how it goes right.. Cheat. Act right. Repeat.

Rich aunty vibes: Amira

No small boys allowed

Like I said, it’s a soap opera they’re willingly putting out on social media and were all watching and reporting.

Anyway as seen on Amira’s post, she wrote:

All these boys coming to my inbox with hey and hello. I don’t have biscuits to give you.

Depends with how you look at it at this point. Could be a stunt to threaten Jimal that strong, young & energetic men are ready to take his place; or this could be true – yaani Damien, Antoine na Jerimih hamchelewi? 

But again -can we really blame these young men with the likes of Zari Hassan making it look so easy?


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