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“I dont know where she got that information from” Benpol denies finalizing his divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

October 04, 2022 at 10:19
"I dont know where she got that information from" Benpol denies finalizing his divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

Benpol filed divorce from Anerlisa Muigai barely a year after they got married and from what he said is that their union was too troubled to give it a second chance.

However its starting to look like he may have second thoughts now that Anerlisa Muigai recently announced her lawyers had finalized the divorce and was now a free woman. Anerlisa Muigai shared the news through her IG stories where she wrote;

Ben Pol files for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

 Officially Free. It would not be fair to not give a shout-out to these two advocates who worked tirelessly to make sure that the divorce was done quickly and not wait for years. Hamza Jabir and Hosea Chamba. Thank you for your work and for doing everything as requested

And barely a week after her announcement- ex husband, Benpol says he hasnt been informed anything on his divorce and as far as the case goes – even the court where he filed the divorce isnt aware of the reports shared by Anerlisa Muigai.

I am also seeing these reports online. I haven’t been informed officially or unofficially. I don’t know where she got that communication from because even the court where I filed for the divorce isn’t aware of the reports.


In that regard, I will leave the matter to the court and wait for the official outcome

Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s young marriage allegedly going South


Okay…judging from how fast KRG’s divorce case from wife Linah moved….i cabt help but wonder why Anerlisa and Benpol’s continuos to be dragged in court – yet mmmmh maybe they can pay their way out? Maybe….?

But Anerlisa Muigai being the heir to Keroche breweries, owner of Excutive water and now the daughter to a senator….believe me,ingekuwa wewe ni Benpol would you want to finalize the divorce so quick?

If I am not wrong (which i could be) chances are that maybe….just maybe Benpol might be looking to be compensated for his wasted time. Do you remember him wearing nail polish for her? Aki mapenzi wewe.


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