‘I Don’t Respect Him’- Sean Preezy Explains Why He Snatched Shaq The Yungin’s Girlfriend

Money can’t buy love- true or false? Whichever answer you choose, the fact remains the feeling of love is inevitable. But we have to agree that money can buy happiness. Anyway, how would you feel if your best friend slowly snatched your partner and they started a happier relationship together? I bet you’d be pissed.

Well, this is the circus that Nairobi’s youngest sponsor Shaq the Yungin is undergoing. His former best friend Sean Preezy snatched his ex-girlfriend Cindy and the two are now an item. Opening up about the situation, Sean took to his Instagram stories to explain his decision to date the Yungin’s gorgeous ex.

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Through an Instagram Q&A session, Sean calibrated that he lost respect for Shaq & termed him as a toxic person.

”When you lose all respect for someone you once called your friend, there isn’t any room for negotiation. I lost respect for that person I used to be close with because of his decisions, actions and toxicity.”

He continued to admit that he fell for his best friend’s chick inadvertently and couldn’t hide it;

”It just so happened that my heat fell for the woman my ex-friend used to be with. And we move on with life.”

Sean and Shaq were very good friends before the drama. He however, accepted the fact that Cindy is no longer his. He announced that he’s now back to the streets!

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