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‘I Don’t Think I’m Ready To Give Birth’- Heavily Pregnant Anita Nderu

August 23, 2022 at 15:22
'I Don't Think I'm Ready To Give Birth'- Heavily Pregnant Anita Nderu

Celebrated media personality Anita Nderu is on the verge of getting her first born child with her heartthrob mzungu hubby Barret Raftery. The soon-to-be mother shared via her Instagram a snippet of her pregnancy journey, stating that she’s not yet ready to have a kid, somehow.

She wrote;

”Just a compilation to motivate and remind Peanut that it’s time😄 Even the videos look like they were shot in 1906 on a Motorola. It’s been 9 months but honestly I don’t know where time went, I feel like we found out just the other day. We’ve really roamed with P, it was a nice journey down memory lane compiling this. I assume one can lose track of time in that warm cozy tum tum but I think we are ready now🤗❤️ (Well sort of, honestly I don’t think I am🤣 I am just tired of being asked are you in hospital?😮‍💨 Is Peanut here? You’re still pregnant?😄)

So in short yes🤣 I am still pregnant🤣 I can’t believe how quickly I went from looking bloated to carrying a kicking kung fu black belt little human weighing over 3.5 kilos🤗 We cannot wait to meet P❤️

Anita continued to state that she’s however, looking forward to meet her bundle of joy soon;

”Let’s meet later on Instastories as I do my daily update on all things Peanut😁 I was hoping to skip the membrane sweep by delivering sooner but alas that might be my fate tomorrow. Have you ever done it? What was your experience? I researched on it and it had me shitting myself, it looks hella painful!”


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