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‘I Feel Loved Again’-Michelle Ntalami Introduces New Bae On Her Birthday (Photo)

June 23, 2022 at 14:45
'I Feel Loved Again'-Michelle Ntalami Introduces New Bae On Her Birthday (Photo)

When it comes to love, some people will replace you within no time, even if you think just because you’re a member of LGBTQ, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to be replaced. Ogopa Kanairo, because you might end up acting the fool even when you were the one who was on the right.

For some like Michelle Ntalami, the latter is applicable and she has proven it today as she celebrates her 38th birthday. After breaking up with Makena Njeri late last year, the Marini Naturals CEO went on vacation to take time to heal. She accused Makena of cheating on her with, not only one, but two people- who she knew and claimed to have receipts.

Moving On To The Next

After a few months, Ntalami seems to have gotten a new catch, who is identified as Chipmurnk-probably not her real name. But that’s all we’ve captured for now. The two are seen getting all cosy in a car as the chick grabs Michelle’s arm and kisses it. Additionally, Chipmurnk’s birthday wish to Ntalami suggested that they’re indeed enamored of each other.

”Happy birthday baby… To love, happiness, healing and your new year…”

It’s evident now that she’s bagged herself a new chick. And to celebrate herself on her birthday, she penned a detailed elating message on her Instagram;

”JUNE 23🎉 – Happy Birthday, HRH. Queen Michelle Ntalami! 👑


“Why flutter with chicken when you can soar with eagles?”

Words instilled in me by my Father. ♥️ Have you ever seen a Queen be or do average? Me neither. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a perfectionist. I used to think this “perfectionist” aspect of me was a bad thing, until I realized it’s the very thing that’s keeping me ahead of the game!

I do everything with excellence or not at all. Mediocrity is not in my books. I don’t do a half-assed life, lifestyle, work, people, conversations, relationships, friendships or projects.

We are in it to win it, we are two feet in, we are doing the deep dive, we’re going the whole 9 yards, we are in for the long haul, we are going big, we are putting out excellence, or nothing at all!

I celebrate my need to be the best, get the best and give the best!

Here’s to Excellence!🥂🌟

Happy Birthday HRH, Queen Michelle Ntalami! 👑”


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