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“I fooled all of you” Caroline Mutoko’s blonde moment reviewing Samsung was a big setup

October 13, 2017 at 13:19
"I fooled all of you" Caroline Mutoko's blonde moment reviewing Samsung was a big setup

Caroline Mutoko was trolled by techies a few days ago for making an absurd claim. It turns out that the former radio queen needed that negative publicity.

Caroline did a review of the new Samsung Note 8 on her YouTube channel. Her review became the talk of the nation when she said that the phone had 24 megapixel camera just because it has two cameras each with 12MP.

Caroline intentionally made the blunder

The former radio queen now claims she intentionally made the outrageous claim. She explains that the main objective was to get the whole nation talking about the phone she reviewed.

“When i was given a chance to review a product that easily could be anything, i decided lets do something differently. Let’s do something a little out of character for me. But also that would get you thinking, tweeting, talking, sharing. And that’s what happened with the Note 8.

“You didn’t take the bait on the fact that i had too many Samsung Notes phones. You didn’t take the bait that apparently i was willing to give up a really good Samsung phone the Edge 7. But the bait that you picked on immediately was pure mathematics. 12 plus 12, i mean really? 12 times 2 is 24 you could have done it. But you decided not to. And that in itself was enough to create impressions and a conversation about a gadget. That on any given day it could just be another phone,” Caroline said.


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