“I have changed since I found God” Mulamwah turns life around

Mulamwah almost lost his career following relationship drama between him and Carol Sonnie who happens to be his baby mama.

If you remember correct – the fall out was so nasty to a point they both embarrassed each other on social media and for a mimute – Mulamwah actually proved to be so toxic by admitting how he beat up Carol Sonnie during a meet up set to help resolve their issues….and must i say – from the way he put it, he was proud.

He even went ahead to confess that he would never support his daughter Keylah until the mum agrees to take her to his village to meet his mum. Okay – for a well educated person as Mulamwah – its actually surprising to see that he reasons like…..more or less like a teenager because whether or not his daughter meets his parents – fact is she remains his daughter who willingly lets suffer in the name of punishing his ex, Carol Sonnie who is the mother.

But seems like this will soon change now that Mulamwah is slowly working on himself and unlike before – he says God found him and things are looking up. Mulamwah announced this through a detailed post where he wrote;

Tangu nimjue Mungu maisha yangu imekua mzuri na afadhali sana .Incase of anything wewe omba tu , tulia , weka bidiii na umwachie mungu mambo mengine yote , hakika Atakuridhia . Asante bestie @atruthk kwa company . Glad to be back . Lets now do some art ???????? . Konki . Happy valentines Kwa wapendanao wote .

Make amends

Well its a big deal seeing Mulamwah put effort to change himself and hopefully with the new faith – he too will seek help from a therapist to work on his anger issues….and maybe later sort out better options to coparent with Sonnie.

However what I know for sure is that Mulamwah is yet to love another the same way he loved Carol Sonnie and as much as he claims Ruth is his new-found love, truth is – he has some healing to do before he can love a woman the right way.

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