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“I have no regrets” Mulamwah speaks on deleted video where he exposed baby mama

March 07, 2022 at 15:51
“I have no regrets” Mulamwah speaks on deleted video where he exposed baby mama

Mulamwah remains unapologetic for the nasty expose on his ex cum baby mama Carrol Muthoni. To prove this, Mulamwah actually talked about it, while on an interview with SAUTI TV this past weekend and believe me he remains unmoved.

According to Mulamwah, he has zero regrets on the expose – but after thinking about it; he then opted to pull down the video since the tea wasn’t benefiting both him or Carrol in any way.

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What he said is that bloggers are using his personal life to make money – hence his recent silence on stories concerning his ex. He said;

I don’t have any regrets for saying whatever I said. Nilikaa tu chini nikajiita meeting nikaona Hii kuvurutana haitusaidii haitutengenezei pesa, haiundii caro inaundia hawa wasee wenye wanablog, wanaandika mastory

And look, his right! We’re  back to blogging about him.

Mulamwah bitter with ex, Carrol?

Speaking during the same interview, Mulamwah further explained his reasons for taking her social media accounts saying;

Carol is the one who decided to go and create her own accounts.

However after learning about the new bae Carrol has been posting through her new social media pages; Mulamwah then said he wasn’t sorry for taking away the accounts he had created for Sonnie saying;

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It would be very disrespectful for her to post her boyfriend in the account we created together. That would be nonsense, upuzi bana.


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