“I have not been mentally okay for years” Mulamwah shares struggles with mental health

Mulamwah says he is not okay and may need help following his struggle with his mental health. He made this public in a detailed post shared on his IG on Thursday, 7 April – shortly after his exposè on ex, Carrol Sonnie.

According to Mulamwah his battle with mental health began 4 years ago and judging from the post – he blames this on his previous relationship which appears to have completely drained him without realizing it. Responding to a fan who asked about his mental health, Mulamwah wrote;

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I have not been ok mentally for over 4 years now the reasons are very wide open, they have been the worst 4 years of my life but the most profitable years.

Well – looking at his recent actions – fans also seem to agree that Mulamwah has not been okay; but the important thing is that he too knows this.

However the BIG problem is that the comedian seems more focused on directing his energy anger towards making something out of himself – to prove a point; yet he has serious matters that need to be prioritized for his own good.

Still on the mental health issue, Mulamwah went on to add;

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With matters of the mind it’s always how you perceive things, you can be at your worst but still make the most out of it.


Mulamwah broken after breakup

Okay truth is, with this issue getting worse each day – it’s sad how both parties keep dragging a toddler into their mess.

This is because after Mulamwah’s exposè on how Carrol aborted first pregnancy and wanted to do the same with Keilah – the young man now says the 6 month old is not his baby!
Can somebody change Mulamwah’s social
Media logins already….cause anachoma!


And at this point – I’m starting wonder where Mulamwah’s friends are? Butita, YY?? Somebody? Anyone?

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