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“I hope someday you will choose to see the good in me…” Ephy Saint’s emotional letter to Chantelle Petit

April 24, 2020 at 13:54
"I hope someday you will choose to see the good in me..." Ephy Saint's emotional letter to Chantelle Petit

Kenyan model and filmmaker, Ephy Saint fathers a daughter with YouTuber, Chantelle Petit.

A relationship that has been surrounded by more of controversy than positive vibes, with each of the co-parents bashing the other for something gone wrong.

However, for the sake a a little baby girl, for the sake of her sanity, and for the sake of a good upbringing, the two needed to find common ground and settle their differences or at least, keep it off the cameras.

Co-parents, Ephy Saint and Chantelle Petit

For recent times, the two have allegedly not been bosom buddies.

Fortunately though, the pair seems to be adjusting, after Ephy Saint’s recent dedication to the mother of his daughter Summer.

Born Ephraim Muriithi, he shares a photo of the beauty donning a bikini and opens:

There is a lot of good in you and the person who took this picture knows it all.

Raising his hopes that some time, however long it takes, Chantelle will come to appreciate his presence in her life regardless of the drawbacks.

Choosing to see the good in him and not the bad.

I pray there will come a time when you realized I was in your corner the whole time and you will choose to see the good in me. But this is not about me.

Ephy Saint and Chantelle Petit

His self-talk aside, the content creator showered his baby mama, wishing her prosperity and God’s protection having added an year in her life on the 11th of April.

Your year just started. May it be prosperity galore and may the living Lord save and protect you even from self distraction. For context, listen to my latest podcast. Protect your energy.

Closing off:


Chantelle seems to have regained her energy following distressful times after her daughter’s birth, battling motherhood and lack of her man’s support.

Vlogger and actress, Chantelle Petit

Nowadays, she steps out jollier, fuller of life and taking it a day at a time.


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