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“I love being hit by my boyfriends” Wema Sepetu confesses leaving many talking

September 10, 2021 at 10:33
“I love being hit by my boyfriends” Wema Sepetu confesses leaving many talking

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu must really weird fetish that is judging from one of her latest posts; where she confessed that being hit by her boyfriend makes her abit too happy. Wait, what?

Well yes, Wema Sepetu who is a celebrated media personality from Tz admitted to enjoying light blows from her men; adding that this is a sign that their is love in the relationship; and at this point I’m wondering why she never ended with Diamond Platnumz; who in the past used to beat her black and blue.

Wema Sepetu after Diamond Platnumz beat her up

Through her IG page, the former Miss Tanzania said;

Nakumbuka zamani wakati naanza mapenzi na mwanaume flani, alishanitamkia hajawahi na hatowahi kumpiga mwanamke… Ila kwangu bwana akagonga mwamba na hicho kiapo… Kiukweli nili enjoy sana…😂😂😂

Explaining herself, Wema revealed that what she enjoys more is the ‘making up part;’ that not only comes with a lot of babying; she went on to add;

Actress Wema Sepetu

Moral of the story: Kupigwa na baby wako kuna raha yake, haswa pale kwenye kubembelezana… Ila sasa sio tupigane kama wezi… Kidogo tu sio mbaya… Alafu iwe mara moja moja sio Daily… 😉😉😉

You do you

Well it’s obvious that an insane person is the only person who would enjoy physical abuse; so those judging Wema, she had to this say to them;

Sio lazima wote tufanane… Kuna wasio penda kupigwa ila as for me, kushtua shtua one tym one tym is very Healthy jamani….


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