“I love myself thick!” Betty Kyallo fiercely claps back at bikini trolls (Video)

Betty Kyallo has been all about vacays lately, in a series of videos and photos from her recent girls’ trip to the coast, before flaunting her day out at the pool in Watamu that got Kenyans talking.

The short, chunky lass, paraded her thick thighs and curves in a tiny two-piece bikini right by the pool, with the sun rays hitting the right places on the chocolate-skinned Kamba doll.

Betty Kyallo and the girls enjoying the Kenyan coast in Watamu

But a section of fans were not going to spare her the backlash, covering her up with a leso around her waist, other going further to put on a mask on her, with all sorts of crazy religious outfits.

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Shocked about just how far individuals could go, instead of appreciating her natural curves and thickness, Betty is not about to spare any of her trolls the comeback.

Betty Kyallo’s bikini photos emerge online

During her most recent Betty Kyallo Lately episode, the young mom had been confronted with a question about what crazy stuff she would do, if she only had 7 days to live. What struck her mind first, was she needed to dress in a very skimpy bikini, before she recalled her recent ugly bikini saga.

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She addressed;

It was such a decent bikini thing and I mean, follow the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney, they wear worse things to the beach but they walk around and no one cloths them in T-shirts. But me, you even gave me a handbag at the pool, seriously?

Betty Kyallo fully clothed after parading bikini body in tiny swimsuit

Before clapping back;

I am so proud of my body! I never even bothered to pull down the picture cause you know what, that’s your problem, not mine! I’ll wear whatever I want, I cannot go to the swimming pool in a leso or dera. I love my body thicccc!

And for those that called her out for lacking that ‘bikini body’, she was like;

Show me yours! And if you’re a guy, I’m sure you have a big belly! For the chicks, I now you have love hurdles and are here bodyshaming me. For now, I love my body the way it is, thick!

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