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“I Miss Your Killer Figure But I Love You The Way You Are”- Vera Sidika’s Hubby Brown Mauzo

October 06, 2022 at 17:08
"I Miss Your Killer Figure But I Love You The Way You Are"- Vera Sidika's Hubby Brown Mauzo

What we were all waiting for was Brown Mauzo’s response to her previously voluptuous socialite wife Vera Sidika.

And to our surprise, the singer is contented with her new physique after her surgery.

In Sickness And In Health

However, he still misses her curvy booty. But for now, he’s focusing on the personality of Vera, which he has hailed merrily.

He shared the sentiments via Instagram and wrote:

“Dear wife, I know this hasn’t been easy at all. I’ve been with you through the entire process and all I can say is that you are very strong lady. I’m so happy you found peace and acceptance & finally had the courage to come and educate young girls. I your husband miss your killer figure so much but what I love and treasure is your personality and pure heart. I will love you more just the way you are. “

Brown Mauzo’s love for voluptuous women has been evident over the years, considering her previous girlfriend(s), including Amber Ray.


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