I Prefer Good Health Over Money- Nana Owiti Says After King Kaka’s Experience

Opening up about misdiagnosis and illness that made him lose 33kgs, rapper King Kaka has shared saddening videos and photos of himself in a shocking state of health; asking his fans to always pray for good health.

The award winning rapper stated the start of the darkest period of his life began four months ago when he walked into a hospital and was misdiagnosed. Kaka added that he was given the wrong prescription, throwing him into the untold doldrums of unexplained sickness and worrying weight loss. 

“I was sick like four months ago, I went to a hospital and a doctor misdiagnosed me, mwili ikaanza kujikula pole pole na nikaanza kulose weight,” King Kaka told Radio Citizen

“Ilifika mahali nikaanza kulose weight pole pole,sielewinilikuwa 85 but by the time nilikuwa naenda hospitali kulazwa, I was 62.”

King Kaka on his illness: I was misdiagnosed and given wrong medication - Citizentv.co.ke

King Kaka’s Wife To The Rescue

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti saw him through this tough period, and King Kaka lauded her for the same. Nana Owiti also opened up about facing the toughest time during her hubby’s illness- stating that she could barely even sleep. After such gruesome moments, the Switch TV presenter has now claimed that she would prefer having good health rather than money.

”… Especially for me seeing King sick for that long, and just seeing life on a different pedestal… Mimi hadi nilikuwa na call bestfriend yangu namwambia, wah, me I wish ningekuwa nakuwa tu na shida tu ya pesa, si ugonjwa. Because I know ukiwa healthy utaenda utafute pesa, pesa itakuja… For me I see life totally different…”

As for now, her hubby King Kaka is in good health and getting back in shape.

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