“I relied on previous experience to save myself” Hairdresser who survived Westgate and Dusit terror attacks speaks

Tracy Wanjiru is lucky and also unlucky in equal measures, she is lucky because she survived two terror attacks and she is unlucky because she was at the center two of the deadliest attacks in recent Kenyan history.

Tracy was six months pregnant when she was holed up at Westgate mall following Al Shabab terror attack at the facility on 21st September 2013.

Six years after the Westgate attack, Tracy found herself in a similar situation. She was inside the DusitD2 complex when gunmen stormed the facility and started shooting indiscriminately.

Tracy took to social media to call for help just like many Kenyans who were trapped in the facility, she kept posting on her Facebook account until help finally arrived.

Past experience

Tracy says she relied on previous experience at Westgate mall to save myself during the attack at DusitD2 Hotel. The 28-year-old hairdresser narrated how she survived both terror attacks during an interview with Nairobi News.

“I was working there (Westgate Mall) when the attackers stormed in, it was not easy just like today. All I can say is that I thank God,” said Tracy.

She said that she saw human body part flying in the air after terrorists set up explosions at DusitD2 Hotel. The hairdresser further revealed that she notified her colleagues about the attack but they didn’t believe her until they heard screams and gunfire.

“I jumped back to the salon, told my colleagues to be keen because we were under attack. They dismissed me at first but when they heard wails and screams, everyone went into hiding.”

Tracy Wanjiru
Tracy Wanjiru




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