“I remain unapologetic!” Anita Nderu savagely responds to Ezekiel Mutua’s “pathetic show” comment

Anita Nderu never had it easy last week after stirring controversy on her cook show that attracted the attention of KFCB Boss, Ezekiel Mutua.

The moral cop termed her show as “a pathetic attempt to promote homosexuality in the name of user generated content and freedom of expression”.

Well, the former Capital FM presenter has had enough of Kenyans being hypocritical towards actual events happening in real life but hiding behind the curtains for fear of backlash.

You call us a Christian state/too conservative, yet excuse lies, cheating, corruption and murder? Your hypocrisy is well noted. We have people who should be in jail yet they walk our streets but your biggest issue is how someone wants to be loved? If only you could redirect your anger!

Anita Nderu

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Her stand!

She clarified she is not here to lead a fake life because now is just not the time. She rather appreciate those who accept themselves as they are and are never apologetic of who they are.

There’s been no better time to celebrate and live to the fullest. Each one of us owes it to ourselves to live, laugh and love authentically.
I as a content creator stand by this, that is why I push boundaries on the content I post simply because it’s a true expression of who I am.

Media personality and fashion enthusiast, Anita Nderu

Before reiterating:

That said I will not be bullied into silence, just as I respect each view I expect the same respect in return❤️????️‍????????

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Wrapping up by declaring she was not going to apologize for being authentic.

I am pro freedom of expression!
Most of you chose to throw me under the bus because of being pro LGBTQ????️‍???? I remain unapologetic ????

Anita Nderu

Mixed reactions

Her sentiments attracted love and hate in equal measure from fans and followers.

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