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‘I See Divorce Everywhere’- Akothee On Why She Will Be Keeping Her Love Life Off Social Media

February 21, 2022 at 10:47
'I See Divorce Everywhere'- Akothee On Why She Will Be Keeping Her Love Life Off Social Media

If you’re a fan of following up on celebrities, you’ll probably notice how easy it is for some of them to dump their lovers. To make things worse, it’s even easier for them to move on and find new partners. The most recent break-up between Frankie Just Gym It and his exquisite girlfriend Corazon has got fans talking; considering it’s the 2nd time Frankie is walking out on soemone.

There’s co-incidence in his two break-ups- Frankie Just Gym It sired 2 sons both with Maureen Waititu and Corazon before leaving.

This is a probable reason why Akothee is planning to keep her love life off social media. The mother of five; known for her nooks and crannies of marriage & relationships, has opined that numerous break-ups on social media have expedited her move.

She shared on her Instagram;

”We The rate at which divorce cases and breakups all over ,let me just sit down and eat ice cream 🤔 . Now, which relationship is working? If I open Internet, I see divorce everywhere , If I open Internet, I see happy couples everywhere ! Ahhhhh. Let me take out my love life off social media Ahhhh ,Ahhh ,Ahhh ,its bad
Witches 🧙‍♀️ witchcraft everywhere
Internet will not even give you time to heal or figure out something before they bring all your lovely moments to your face 🤭 ”

What do you think about Akothee’s sentiments?


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